Natural Food Coloring

Natural, Homemade Rainbow Food Colors

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Natural, Homemade Rainbow Food Colors
Fresh, chemical & preservative free fruity food colorings! I used the technique found in Dulce Delight's natural food coloring video, but added a few ingredients to some of the colors for a more vibrant hue.
  1. raspberries
  2. beets
  1. carrots
  2. oranges
  1. mangoes
  2. turmeric (fresh or powdered)
  1. spinach
  2. kiwis
  3. spirulina
  1. purple cabbage
  2. baking soda
  1. blackberries
  2. blueberries
  1. For each of the colors (except blue) add the respective ingredients to a blender and blend until liquified. Use a cheesecloth or nut bag to squeeze out the pulp so only the colored juice remains.
  2. For the blue, cut up the purple cabbage and add to a pot with some water. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the liquid is a rich, purple color. Drain so only the liquid remains and stir in 1/2-1 TBSP of baking soda (depending on amount of liquid) and watch it magically turn blue!
  1. Store in the freezer in small cups or ice cube trays and simply pop them out and thaw when ready to use.
  2. BONUS: Don't throw away the pulp and scraps after you juice the fruits and veggies for their color — save them to use in juices and smoothies!
Adapted from Dulce Delight
Adapted from Dulce Delight
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Natural Food Coloring 
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