The Candida Diet

While at this point I don’t feel I need to follow the super restricted version of a “Candida Diet” (yes, there is a light at the end of the candida infested tunnel!), being committed to a very limited diet for the first year was integral to the success of my overall clean eating journey. And while I’ve certainly introduced more foods recently (starchy veggies, small amounts of natural sweeteners, fruit, etc.) I still mostly try to stick to a similar version of the original Candida Diet I started with. This is a life change, folks, but one that is so worth it!

If you google Candida – or anything for that matter – you’ll quickly notice there are tons of conflicting views on what you should and shouldn’t eat. When I chose to start my detox adventure, I really just needed a place to start. I had guidance from my naturopath in terms of supplements and such, but here are two great lists that I depended on for most of my dietary allowances and restrictions:

Foods to Eat

Foods to Avoid