Kumquats & Golden Berries

Flavor Fave: Sweet ‘n Tart

Flavor Faves

If you’re all about sweet and tart flavors (ahem…Sour Patch Kids….), then I’m here to share two delicious alternatives for you: kumquats and golden berries! Kumquats & Golden Berries

Kumquats are small citrus fruits that, to me, taste like a combination of a lemon and an orange. You can eat them whole (like you would eat a grape) and the outer rind is actually the sweet part with the center delivering a burst of tangy goodness.

Golden Berries are the dried version of a gooseberry and have a sweet & tart taste like some sort of exotic raisin. A little less tart than the kumquats, but still have a tang. (And since they are dried, they have the texture of a gummy candy, too!)

Sayonara sugar-filled and chemical-laden candies, hello antioxidants!